The Ultimate Health Center Team

I invite you to visit The Ultimate Health Center where we can assist you in finding solutions to better health.

As a Chiropractor, I enjoy focusing on prevention and well being. Educating my patients is a big part of my practice. It empowers them to make better decisions regarding their health. I invite you to visit The Ultimate Health Center where we can assist you in finding solutions to better health.

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Avoid invasive surgery with Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy

Laser Lipo treatments are completely non-invasive and clients feel nothing.

The proven method that Dr. McCarthy uses to help his patients lose weight fast is known as “laser liposuction.”

The focus on spinal adjustment is what makes doctors of chiropractic unique in their approach to treating patients with spinal complaints.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is a low-impact approach to achieving increased strength, flexibility, higher metabolism and total body rejuvenation.

Do you Thrive? Try our 8-week Thrive experience.


The Ultimate Health Center Team

At The Ultimate Health Center, we take pride in our friendly staff and up-to-date treatments. Our team of professionals are passionate and respectful towards patients and their care. All of our doctors, consultants and practitioners are qualified to perform complex medical manipulations, and surgical interventions.

We value our clinic and the practices we provide. We respect our patients and carefully examine the best treatment options without ignoring symptoms and characteristics of our patient’s bodies.

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Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado

No need to travel overseas you can find fully compliant FDA approved quality stem cells of the highest quality available right here in the US at The Ultimate Health Center at 10% of the cost charged at other clinics and way below the tens of thousands of dollars being charged overseas.

Stem cell therapy has been approved by the FDA in the last 24 months and the Ultimate Health Center with Doctor Joshua McCarthy is the medical group 1st to offer this groundbreaking technology in Colorado with this highest quality stem cells available. The medical group has had over 300 successful stem cell treatments, ranging from healing ankles, hips shoulders, knees. Helping people walk again who had previouly seen every specialist available before coming to The Ultimate Health Center has become some of the team's greatest success stories every day.

Dr. McCarthy at The Ultimate Health Center is developing noninvasive revolutionary anti-aging skin tightening procedures for the face and tummy taking years off the skin. You have to feel it and see it to believe it. The new Genesis Facial and The Genesis Tummy Tightener will be available in winter 2017.

How can you tell you're getting the highest quality stem cells available? Amniotic stem cells are the highest quality stem cells you can get. We use the nation's most innovative amniotic membrane products in regenerative medicine of Amniotic stem cells from Surgenix Sureforce. [Insert Surgenix Sureforce product highlights here, see attachments & more information and a downloadable brochure can also be found at surgenex.com]
Amniotic membrane in SurForce is obtained through voluntary donation after C-section delivery. Every SurForce donor provides detailed medical history and receives an extensive medical background screening, including testing for a wider range of diseases and conditions than any other company in the industry.

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