About The Ultimate Health Center

The Ultimate Health Center TeamAt The Ultimate Health Center, we take pride in our friendly staff and up-to-date treatments. Our team of professionals are passionate and respectful towards patients and their care. All of our doctors, consultants and practitioners are qualified to perform complex medical manipulations, and surgical interventions.

We value our clinic and the practices we provide. We respect our patients and carefully examine the best treatment options without ignoring symptoms and characteristics of our patient’s bodies.

Joshua McCarthy, DC - Clinical Director

Joshua McCarthy, DCI was very blessed to be raised by parents that understood the importance of prevention and wellness.  Alternative therapies and natural supplementation were common practices in our home. It was always our first choice to take the natural route to better health.

I went to college to pursue a  business career. It wasn't long after I obtained my MBA that I realized my true passion was helping others enhance the quality of their lives. Chiropractic was a perfect fit. I obtained my Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the founding college of chiropractic.

As a Chiropractor, I enjoy focusing on prevention and well being. Educating my patients is a big part of my practice. It empowers them to make better decisions regarding their health. I invite you to visit Ultimate Health Center where we can assist you in finding solutions to better health.

 It is not about the length of our life, its about the quality of each and every day. Allow me to help you make it your best.  

...Joshua McCarthy, DC

Tamara Johnson, MD, Supervising Physician

Tamara Johnson, MD is a family doctor and supervisor to the Medical and Rehab departments at The Ultimate Health Center. Dr Johnson is pleased to be a part of a cutting edge clinic like The Ultimate Health Center and continues to look for new ways to help people with chronic pain, especially musculoskeletal conditions.

In addition to her work with SCC, Dr. Johnson is the Medical Director for Region 2/Heartland Counseling and Consulting Clinics. Heartland is based in North Platte, NE and has 3 satellite clinics, which keep her busy. Dr. Johnson graduated from University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1984, where she began her residency and eventually went into Family Practice in Cambridge, NE in 1986. In 2003 Dr. Johnson took the position of Medical Director with Heartland.

Dr. Johnson enjoys spending time with her family, music, and golf.

Megan Anderson, Nurse Practitioner

Megan Anderson, Nurse PractitionerMegan Anderson received her undergraduate Biology degree from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN and then went on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for her nursing degree (BSN). She worked as a staff nurse in both pediatric cardiology/surgery and  gynecology/oncology for 3 years before starting graduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She worked in a public health/family practice clinic for 3 years while in graduate school before becoming a Board Certified Women\’s Health Nurse Practitioner.  In 2010, she moved to Fort Collins with her husband and son.  Prior to finding her place at The Ultimate Health Center, she worked for Sunrise Community Health for 2.5 years working with low-income pregnant women. Megan loves building relationships with patients and seeing their progress.  Her favorite part of working at The Ultimate Health Center is working with like-minded colleagues and seeing positive outcomes with our clients and helping them return to doing the activities they enjoy.

Outside of work, Megan loves spending as much time outdoors as possible with her family and friends – running, hiking, skiing, etc.  She is planning on pursuing a clinician training program in 2016 with a focus on functional medicine and ancestral health.