Chiropractic Colorado Springs

Back problems are the most common problem among individuals in the US. At The Ultimate Health Center, we provide the best chiropractic care in Colorado Springs. We focus on spinal adjustments unique to the patient in order to treat the reoccurring back issues they complain about on a daily basis.

Seeing a chiropractor is not uncommon, but many individuals are unclear as to why chiropractic care truly helps them feel better, even in areas besides the back and neck. Dr. Joshua McCarthy and his chiropractic care here in Colorado Springs brings relief to the back, neck, shoulder, joints, headaches / migraines, sciatica and injuries related to sports or accidents.

Poor posture is the leading cause of back and neck issues, which often is the result of crossing your legs when sitting down, leaning forward and straining your head down to look at a computer screen, tablet or phone all day.  Doing these operations can create chronic stress, strain and / or tension in your head.

At The Ultimate Health Center’s chiropractic care in Colorado Springs helps all individuals regardless of whether you have been in a sports related injury or other accident. The daily life stressors and your posture throughout the day affects your neck, back and shoulders greatly. Even the slightest misalignment can lead to your body functioning improperly causing intense pain.

Misalignments do not necessarily have to come from injuries, they can be the result of degenerative conditions, or the lifestyle you live. This is why seeking chiropractic care in Colorado Springs is so important. Remember, the body cannot start healing itself when there are still misalignments in your spine.

The adjustments made by Dr. Joshua McCarthy are gentle techniques specifically designed to heal you, relieve pain, and restore the normal function to your body without the use of prescription pills or surgery. When misalignments happen, it is common that the muscle surrounding a joint will be swollen, chiropractic techniques allow movement of the joint, depleting swelling and relaxing your body and muscles. 

Come see Dr. McCarthy at The Ultimate Health Center’s chiropractic office in Colorado Springs today. Relieve pain, tension and strain now, by setting an appointment with us.