Is Pain a Deciding Factor in Your Daily Activities?

Colorado Springs Stem Cell Therapy

When long-term pain limits your everyday regimen or stops you from necessary tasks; regenerative therapy could prove to be the solution you’ve been searching for!

Successful treatment of the debilitating impact of arthritis or joint is dependent on early detection and treatment. Regenerative Medicine employing stem-cell treatment offers a promising alternative by promoting recovery that is natural and safe.

Stem Cell Research

The most recent research conducted over 10,000 tests to date and there have been no reported side effects. 100% of recipients are pain free 4 years after treatment. Regenerative cellular therapy can replicate into any type of tissue found in joints besides nerve tissue. Depending on the different tissues that are damaged, the cells can turn into whatever your joint needs which may often be a combination of ligament, cartilage, tendon, bone, or muscle.

Once your joint is healed, it is healed. The oldest research to date shows that 100% of recipients who benefited from this treatment that is regenerative were still pain free 4 years. Utilizing allograft tissues that are amniotic allows our state-of-the-art clinic to treat and rehabilitate injuries and your pain without drugs or surgery.

What Can Stem Cell Therapy Do for You?

Stem cells are located in everyone and perform a crucial part in your body’s recovery. They lay hidden in your body till they obtain signals that an injury has been experienced and your platelets are followed by them to the site that is injured. Stem cells may be sent by your body to heal cells, tendons, hurt structures and bones. Medication employing a regenerative stem-cell remedy solves this by providing a high-concentration of progress aspects to the hurt location facilitating recovery that is organic.

This method requires 15 minutes and you can usually expect pain to subside within 24-48 hrs.