In order to lose weight fast, there are two things you could do. You could try every pointless diet, supplement and exercise plan out there; or, you could come to The Ultimate Health Center, where Dr. Joshua McCarthy, DC has helped over 4,000 satisfied patients lose weight fast.

The proven method that Dr. McCarthy uses to help his patients lose weight fast is known as “laser liposuction.” Laser liposuction is a non-invasive procedure, not classified as a surgery. Lose weight fast by this proven method.

There have been four double-blind studies done by the FDA and other medical research teams. The FDA proved that people lose weight fast, within 42 days of the laser liposuction treatment. Patients drop between 7-23 inches around their waist and lose between 2-5 dress sizes in that time.

To lose weight fast, there are several lasers placed on the desired area. Without pain or drugs fat cells shrink and you will lose weight fast! Reach your ultimate weight goals by talking to the Dr. Joshua McCarthy, DC.

Immediately following the procedure, you must exercise, that is why Dr. Joshua McCarthy will help you lose weight fast and keep it off by using Hypervibe whole body vibration technique. With Hypervibe, the exercise only takes 10 minutes, which will help you reach your ultimate fitness goals.

Following the procedure and Hypervibe exercise session, Dr. McCarthy recommends his metabolism boosting, energy boosting, immune support and weight management supplements. The Ultimate Health Center provides only the best supplements that are proven to work. Thrive supplements are not gimmicks and have worked for tons of patients wanting lose weight fast and keep the weight off… for good.

If you are wanting to lose weight fast without the risks of liposuction, lap bands, harmful drugs or exercise plans that don’t work; come to The Ultimate Health Center, and let the experts help you reach your ultimate weight goal!

Most of us struggle to lose weight and lose weight effectively. I’m sure you among all others have been trying everything, exercise, diets, cutting calories, only eating fruits, going on month long detox’s and trying supplements that claim you will “lose weight fast”. We all know that this doesn’t work, yet we still try everything until we actually do lose weight.

Why don’t we all stop trying things that don’t work and come to The Ultimate Health Center where the experts on losing weight will actually help you lose weight. There, you can lose up to 7 inches in 3 weeks. The Ultimate Health Center has helped millions lose weight in a safe, effective manner that guarantees the weight to come off and stay off.

To help you achieve your goals to lose weight and drop 2-5 dress/pant sizes in 42 days and 7-23 inches in 42 days, The Ultimate Health Center will perform Laser Liposuction, a non-invasive procedure not classified as surgery. During Laser Liposuction, Dr. Joshua McCarthy, DC will put several lasers around the desired areas, and with no pain or drugs, your fat cells shrink and you lose weight like you have always wanted!

Immediately following your weight loss procedure, you must exercise. Fortunately, to help keep the weight that you just lost off, Dr. McCarthy put HYPEERVIBE in your treatment plan. HYPERVIBE is a whole body vibration exercise that only takes 10 minutes. Whole Body vibration (WVB) is FDA approved and has been proven to accelerate weight loss and reduces cellulite. WBV will increase your strength, help you maintain a higher metabolism, rejuvenate your body and is so low-impact, you don’t even need to change into your gym clothes.

After you lose weight with The Ultimate Health Center, will have dropped 2-5 dress/pant sizes and 7-23 inches around your waist, under arms, outer thighs, belly and muffin top. The Ultimate Health Center assures that you will lose weight, side-effect free. Come to the experts when you have tried everything and it fails to give you the results you desire.

Rapid weight loss is something we all dream about, but it never really happens. If you are ready to change the way you live your life, then come to the place where rapid weight loss is guaranteed. The Ultimate Health Center, Colorado Springs located conveniently on North Academy Boulevard, Dr. Joshua McCarthy, DC has been performing Laser Liposuction and patients feeling nothing, while also seeing rapid weight loss.

The Ultimate Health Center has over 4,000 satisfied patients. Laser liposuction is not another gimmick and you will have that rapid weight loss that comes only with this simple procedure.

After hearing this term for the first time, you may be leery to go through with the procedure, but there have been 6 published studies including: Double-blind studies, a study completed by the FDA, and 4 more. The Studies were done primarily to determine if it works and if it is safe to use. In addition, there are several benefits to this rapid weight loss procedure.

If you are still unsure, listed below are the facts about regular Liposuction, Lap Band, Gastric Bypass, rapid weight loss drugs, gimmicky supplements, and diets and exercise. 

  1. Liposuction surgery costs between $4,500-10,000
  2. You need at least 1 week for recovery and follow up skin removal surgery, another $2000.
  3. Liposuction makes fat be stored in weird places after having the surgery
  4. There is the risk of scarring to death
  5. Liposuction produces lumpy and choppy results, and the fat is not cleared evenly.
  6. Lap Band has the same cost and risks as Liposuction, and there are no guaranteed results and you have to eat less and exercise.
  7. Gastric Bypass has the same cost and risks as Liposuction, but you could die of overeating, so you have to eat much much less.
  8. Rapid weight loss drugs produce the risk of more side effects that lead to long term effects which are extremely unsafe.
  9. Gimmicky Supplements never have guaranteed results
  10. Diet and Exercise has minimal to no results, take a lot of work which causes you to lose motivation.

The only way to achieve rapid weight loss in a safe manner is to come to The Ultimate Center and trust Dr. McCarthy to provide you results.  

As defined in the Cambridge English dictionary, weight loss is: “the fact of a person’s body weight becoming less, which can be achieved by balancing a healthy level of physical activity with eating a nutritious diet.”  (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

There are many supplements to make losing weight easier, there is also liposuction (a surgery to pull the fat out of your body), as well as teas, wraps and more that supposedly help you lose weight.

The Ultimate Health Center has proven methods that make weight loss easier and faster. With their help, you can lose 7 pounds in three weeks. The Ultimate Health Center offers Laser Liposuction, a non-invasive procedure that zaps away fat cells without pain. If you are looking to lose weight and gain muscle, The Ultimate Health Center will help you lose 7-23 inches off your waist, arms, thighs and chin in 42 days, lose 2-5 dress or pant sizes in 42 days, all while eliminating pain and pain killers.

Most people find weight loss difficult, which decreases their motivation even more. However, weight loss after Laser Liposuction, most patients have seen the results which guides them into maintaining their fat-free* body. Patients have stated that they just needed a kick-start into a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to weight loss and maintaining your new weight, The Ultimate Health Center encourages the use of Thrive supplements. There are four different supplements Thrive offers; one for men, women and two different lifestyle supplements that all aid in weight management, metabolism stabilization and more. The Ultimate Health Center makes losing weight easy with their FDA approved supplements and Laser Lipo treatments. Get the look you have always wanted.  

 Start your new and improved life today by Contact Us or visiting the weight loss experts at The Ultimate Health Center Colorado Springs! (719) 598-5858   

*Fat-free does not imply your body weight will be 0% total fat. Having 0% of your total weight be composed of fat is impossible and extremely unhealthy. In this sense, fat-free refers to less fat on your body after the procedure has been completed.